Skin Tag Removal Simplified

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Published: 11th November 2010
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Skin tags are not only unsightly but can vary from being irritating to very painful. For those who suffer from this skin condition the all too common stares from strangers can be very embarrassing and often leads to low self esteem and even withdrawal. Skin tag removal is not nearly as simple as it may sound and the majority of treatments do not provide a permanent solution.

Skin tags can be very tough to remove. Even the best surgeries tend to only remove the tag itself and usually after a couple of months it just grows back. The most common method of surgically removing skin tags tends to be very ineffective long term unless the stalks are also removed. This tends to be quite deep cuts and can leave scars. Often times, multiple treatments to remove the tags can leave serious scarring.

One of the more popular methods of skin tag removal is with cryogenic treatment. This treatment uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the tags off. It can be quite effective when done by a skilled surgeon and care should be taken with this procedure as it can leave severe scarring and skin discoloration.

Burning skin tags off is one of the preferred methods that most doctors go for because it can be very accurate and reduce scarring to a minimum. Burning off large affected areas of skin can be quite an expensive operation and can be quite painful. Unfortunately this is not a permanent treatment either as the tags tend to grow back.

Natural skin tag removal probably the best solution. It's non surgical, it's safe and certain treatments have been proven to provide permanent relief from tags. The big difference between natural skin tag removal and traditional treatments is that it focuses on the root or the cause of skin tags and not just the tag itself. By getting rid of the cause of skin tags you can permanently remove the effect which is the formation of skin tags.

Regardless of which option you choose, skin tag removal is possible. It's always wise to see a doctor to make sure that your tags are not cancerous (99.99% of the time it's completely harmless) before you proceed with any procedure.

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